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NTPEP Audit Documents

​​​​​NTPEP Audit Documents


Qualification of Highway Product Manufacturers Through the Use of NTPEP Audits
Standard Practice for Audits - SP01​​

NTPEP Audit Programs (NAP) Usage Guide
NAP Usage Guide

QSM Review Checklist
QSM Review Checklist - 2017​

Pre-Audit Applications and Audit Reports

Geotextiles (GTX)
Pre-Audit Application
Blank Prime Source Audit Report Worksheets 
Blank Private Label Audit Report Worksheets 

Reinforced Geosynthetics (REGEO)​
Manufacturer Pre-Audit Application

HDPE Pipe (HDPE) and Polypropylene Pipe (PPP)
Pre-Audit Application
Blank Audit Reports Worksheets

PVC Pipe (PVC)
Pre-Audit Application

Rebar (REBAR)
Pre-Audit Application
Blank Audit Report Worksheets 

Stainless Steel (SSTL)
Pre-Audit Application

Weldable Wire Reinforcement (WWR)
Pre-Audit Application​​​
Blank Audit Report Worksheets ​

Seven Wire Strand (SWS)
Pre-Audit Application

Guardrail (GRL)
Pre-Audit Application

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)
Pre-Audit Application​​

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads (EBB)
Pre-Audit Application​​